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Wood flooring is one of the last jobs of any construction project. Prior to delivery of the wood flooring, a site evaluation should be done. Check for the following:
bulletThe building should be closed in.
bulletExterior doors and windows must be in place.
bulletAll concrete, masonry, framing members, drywall, paint and other wet work should be thoroughly dry.
bulletThe wall coverings should be in place and the painting completed except for the final coat on the base molding. When possible, delay installation of base molding until floor installation is complete.
bulletIn warm months the bulding must be well ventilated.
bulletIn winter a temperature of a minimum of 60 degrees should be maintained at least five days before the flooring is delivered.
bulletBe sure the flooring will not be exposed to extremes of humidity or moisture.
bulletBasements must be dry and well ventilated.
bulletCrawl spaces must be dry and well ventilated.
bulletCrawl space must be a minimum of 24" (600 MM) from ground to under side
of joists.
bulletA ground cover of 6-8 mil black polyethylene film is essential as a vapor barrier.
bulletCrawl space should have perimeter venting equal to a minimum of 1.5% of the crawl space square footage. These vents should be properly located to foster cross ventilation.
bulletThe grade level should be noted so that the correct flooring can be used for
the job. The subfloor should be appropriate for the flooring to be used.
bulletSubfloor (wood or concrete) should be checked by an appropriate method for
moisture content.

Flooring should be delivered and stored in the rooms in which it will be installed. Acclimate according to geographical location or according to manufacturer's recommendations. Where building codes allow, permanent HVAC systems should be in place and operating both during and five days preceeding installations to allow for proper acclimation. If building codes do not allow operation of the permanent system, then temporary systems need to be in place. Acclimation of the flooring must occur at the jobsite with the temperature and humidity maintained at normal living conditions. Optimum installation conditions are 70 degrees Fahrenheit at 30-50% relative humidity.

Subfloor and hardwood floor should be checked by an appropriate method for moisture content. There should be no more than 4% difference between hardwood flooring, or 2% for solid plank flooring, and wood or wood composite subfloor taking into consideration normal living conditions and equalized moisture content (EMC.).


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