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DIRT ALERT - Dirt, grit, and sand are your hardwood floor's enemies. Acting like coarse sandpaper, they lead to scratches, dents, and dulling. Placement of clean area rugs or floor mats at entrances will catch most of the renegade particles; avoid foam-backed or non-ventilated rugs. Regular vacuuming and sweeping will complete the dirt alert.

CLEANER - Always use a hardwood floor-specific cleaner, such as Bona Kemi, to dust mop your floors and clean. Water can damage your floor.

FURNITURE - Installation of protective felt pads will help prevent
scratches. Lift, never slide furniture into place.

SUN - Direct sunlight will discolor your hardwood floor with constant exposure. Drapes, curtains, blinds, and shades should be used to block the intense UV rays and prevent unnecessary discoloration.

HIGH HEELS - Avoid, as much as reasonably possible, walking on your hardwood floors in high heels. Keep heels in good repair to minimize denting in case you need to walk on the floor.


SWEEP - Sweep floors daily or as needed with fine broom, exploded tips are most effective.

VACUUM - Vacuum weekly or as needed with approved hardwood attachments, never use a vacuum that will scratch your floor.

DUST MOP - The best method is to follow the Bona Kemi route,
using their mop and cleaner products, or hardwood approved equal.


SPILLS - Wipe up any spills immediately. Dry or sticky spills may require a mild scrub pad or cloth with Bona Kemi cleaner.

GREASY SPOTS - The Bona Kemi System mop applicator will rapidly eliminate tar, grease, oil, lipstick, crayon, or rubber scuffs. Problem stains may yield to mineral spirits on a cloth followed by Bona. Light clean cloth buffing will restore sheen.

CHEWING GUM AND CANDLE WAX - Use ice in a plastic bag pressed on the problem area until it crumbles off. Another approach utilizes mineral spirits poured around, but not on the area; a drop of cleaner and then light buffing.

REFURBISH - Just call us here at Rock Solid for the best opinion.


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