Those Heels!

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Those Heels!

We all have swung a hammer at a nail, and missed! Embarrassing, but also we have damaged or dented the board. A property of wood is that it will dent, or crush, those fibers and vessels we've talked about when impacted by enough force. Dear Reader, take the following quiz and remember the answer. You will have the occasion to use this story!

What puts greater force on a hardwood floor?

Measured in pounds per square inch (psi), a car has a load of 28-30 psi, an elephant 50-100 psi, and a 125-lb. woman with high heels, when she takes a step and those heels hit the floor, 2000 psi! That's a problem for any floor -metal, wood, ceramic, carpet, terrazzo, and resilient.

Stiletto high heels are now in vogue and all customers should be made aware that hardwood floors may be damaged by the extreme force involved. Indentation will occur from the heels themselves, and even more so from protruding nailheads. An exposed nailhead can exert a force of 8000 psi! High enough to pulverize hardened concrete. Those heels!


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