Finishing Process

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Finishing Process

- Rock Solid Hardwoods uses the most up to date technically created water borne hardwood finishes, specifically created for the hardwood flooring industry. We are proud to use Boni Kemi hardwood floor finishes, the most environmentally safe and longest wearing finishes in the marketplace today.

- The finishes we offer come in a wide variety of stain colors and satin and gloss finishes. This enables us to offer a
custom finish designed to meet our customer's needs
and wants.

- After the installation and sanding process we apply the stain in
a hand-brushed and wiped manner, thus insuring the most
consistent and uniform appearance. We then allow the stain to dry the appropriate amount of time before applying the sealer and urethane.

- We next apply the sanding sealer which provides a stable bridge for the urethane finish coats. At this point, we buff the sealer down to eliminate any grain raise that the sealer may have created.

- Next, we vacuum and tack the floor, thus providing the most dust free environment for the urethane to adhere to. We then apply two coats of waterborne urethane allowing appropriate dry times in between. This process causes the least amount of disruption, to our customers homes of any process in
the market.


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